After a successful launch of THE CLOWNS on WAX, we have decided to release a tangible item along with the NFT project in the form of t-shirts. Each t-shirt will be accompanied by 1 of 4 Limited Editions CLOWN NFTs. Wallets holding CLOWNS will be given a voucher code which entitles them to a 25% discount on CLOWN merchendise. NFT variants will be distributed randomly upon each order, you will receive 1 NFT per t-shirt order, multiple orders receive multiple NFTs (e.g. 3 t-shirts = 3 NFTs)

There will be TWO rounds of orders over a two-week period: First round: 10th Oct - 15th Oct (Print order placed 16th Oct) Second round: 17th Oct - 22nd Oct (Print order placed 23rd Oct) After 22nd October, t-shirts and NFTs will be discontinued. This is the only way to acquire these limited run products.


We don’t have any products to show here right now.